About The She Chef

Veg Femme

The facts:

Reader. Writer. Cooker. Baker. Candlestick maker. Would never jump out of a rotten potato (high-five if you know the reference). Student. Wistful traveler. Optimistically cynical. Jazz lover. Wine drinker.

Currently working toward some sort of eating regime which is mostly vegan, but my lover, Dairy Queen, calls me with soft serve siren songs…aaah aahh…Oh, vanilla cone, you saucy minx! She will be the death of me.

She Chef was once all about the meats, but now will now be riding the train toward animal-free eats! Vegetarian, Vegan and Paleo dishes shall abound, so feed along and stick around.


3 thoughts on “About The She Chef

  1. Yay, Shechef! I’m glad you’re back and I look forward to the meatless delights you are going to share with us. I’m definitely going to try some so blog on!! I’m getting hungry…

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