Razz My Berries

Dear Favorite Person, a.k.a you,

Hello. I have missed you, truly. Unfortunately, I am not the She Chef you fell in love with, and have changed my kitchen several times. Meat is off the menu, so we’re going to get even crazier with experiments! The recipes will be mostly vegan, some vegetarian (when I’m feeling cheesy).

We Can Do It!

I feel pretty fearless in the kitchen, so regardless of if my meal is a fail or a win, you will get to experience the good and the bad with me. I vow, for delicious or unsavory, in calamity or fortune, for rotten or ripe, in rain or shine, I will share photos and provide weekly recipes starting in April, 2013.

Here is an example of the treats you can look forward to making! Mmm, marinated portabellas on a bed of pesto & artichoke tossed spinach rice linguine, with a side of boiled beets. What’s that brown spot, you ask? Well, I like BBQ sauce with my beets.

Curious? Enticed? Stay tuned…

Vegan's Delight


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